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KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, LLC, as agent for the Association, processes all Estoppel and Questionnaire requests. To place a request for an Estoppel (including an expedited Estoppel) and/or a Questionnaire,  please click the following hyperlink: https://kwpmc.com/resident-center/estoppel-request-and-payment.  If you have any questions or would like additional instructions, please contact KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, LLC’S Estoppel Department by email: estoppels@kwpropertymanagement.com.

Association Quarterly Maintenance Fee History
Estoppel and Questionnaire Requests
Lease Application
LHB 5 Welcome New Owners
Listing Rules
Open House Signage Specifications
Purchase Application
Q&A LHB 2 for 2020
Q&A LHB 2C for 2020
Q&A LHB 3 for 2020
Q&A LHB 3D for 2020
Q&A LHB 5 for 2020
Q&A LHB 6 for 2020
Q&A LHB Villas Four for 2020
Q&A LHB Villas One for 2020
Reserve Fee
The Commons Club 2020 Resident Schedule of Dues & Charges
The Commons Club-New Owner Application
The History of Lighthouse Bay- A community shaped by The Harbour Club, as the Master Association and its eight residential condominium associations
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